Saturday, July 22, 2017

         It's been a bitter-sweet week here in Canada. We are still attending our various meetings, out knocking doors finding the loss sheep and driving transports for the mission. But this was a week of goodbyes as well.  We took a day to drive back to Hope, our first home in the mission field. Many experiences, memories and friends are there. We stopped in to visit our best friends . All but one are non-members. We saw Jack, Martin & Amelia, Lucy who took us to lunch, dear Marlene who openly sobbed as we hugged goodbye, and Houssein & Fatima. We love them so much and realize we probably won't see them again in this life. It was wonderful to see them all again but sad as well.
        Friday was our last English class. We so love our Chinese friends. Alice, who is from Hong Kong is such a character. She pantomimes as she talks to us. I asked for her address and told her I would write. She said:" No, you will forget me ".  Then she said: "I have been coming to English class for many teachers but you are the only one who truly loves me".  I really do need to write her.
      We cooked one last dinner for the office staff on Tuesday evening. We enjoyed a relaxing evening in a beautiful courtyard full of roses and wonderful background music. It was so fun until the neighborhood  Rat  scurried by. There was some screaming and tripping over a cane and knocking over a chair or two by someone in the group. But, finally we all settled down and planned for the future times we were going to do things together. Who knew we would make Eternal best best friends on a mission at our age ?   When we think of our family at home, eighteen months seem so long, yet when we think of our mission, it seems so short.
        We also took a day this week and did a little sight seeing. We bought a ferry ticket and with our car traveled to Victoria.  We had been there before , last October when Rebecca came for a visit , but we needed to see the Butchart gardens in full bloom and a couple of other places. We went to the gardens  and they did not disappoint. We also went to Fan Tan Alley, the Miniature World and the marvelous Butterfly Gardens.  I will post some pictures. It was a fun all day date for the two of us as we stood out on the deck of the ferry and watched the sunset on our way home.
       We kept busy all week trying to get done all that we needed to do. Besides finding the list from the Bishop of lost lambs, we visited some of our friends. And I had my last therapy session on my leg before we come home.  My physiotherapist is our Stake President so we had some very interesting conversations. He also is a triathlon athlete & marathon runner.
       We stopped in to say goodbye to our Angel friend , Kirsten, in the wheelchair. Stan played the piano for her while she and I looked through her scrapbooks. Tomorrow will be our last 7:00 am ward council meeting and the rest of the day is full of appointments. Friday we will have our interview with the President so we're looking forward to that.
   This coming week is transfers so we will be  cooking two big meals for 60 people. One is on Tuesday and the other on Thursday . We will be moving missionaries back and forth from the ferry and the airport all week as we have twenty missionaries going home and twenty new missionaries coming in.  That means we'll be  staying at the hotel for two nights with the out going one night and the incoming the next night. Whew, two days of three hours of sleep each. Good thing we're not old. Anyway, so I suppose I won't have a chance to write the blog next week. But we will look forward to seeing you all on Sunday, August 13th at 1:00 for church. Please call one of our children for the address, I don't know what it is.  We have so much to tell you about the great opportunity we have had to serve a mission. So many experiences, stories, just tons. We will look forward to that time. We love you all.  We love our Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ so much. It has been an honor to wear His name On our missionary tag. Now, as we come home , We will wear His name on our hearts .We love the Book of Mormon. We know it can and does change lives. Keep the faith always. Keep your testimonies burning bright. The world is a hard place but your testimony will get you through.

We are looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Love, Elder & Sister Fisher

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Dinner with our friend from the Philippines .

Tess used to be a less active, now she comes to church every Sunday.

Soup with cartilage .

I liked the salad.

Always eating.

Sister Clair's Birthday Party.

Sister Smith

Sister Torman

The office "Girl"s Party.

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The Vancouver airport at midnight.

Just an tiny part of the five million dollar yard.


I LOVE Clouds.

The Chinese Mafia at the airport.

The Chinese Mafia license plate.

     Another week has flown by. With our new president traveling all over the mission to meet & interview all 190 missionaries;  we have had several late night runs to the airport, like 12:30 am.
The poor mission president & his wife arrive so tired. They have been flying a different place each day for the entire week. This is a really big mission . Many of the areas in the north are too far away to drive .
    We had another meeting with the Bishop. He gave us a new list of less activies to go find. We spent most of the week knocking doors and having very different experiences. It's so much to write , I wish we could just tell you.. Someday. Well,  I'll tell you one. We arrived at one address we were given, it was probably a five million dollar home.  We walked down a long hill , through amazing rose gardens, fountains, and plants of every kind. The front door was open as some people were moving new furniture in. Stan walked in the door. He was ahead of me because with my cane I'm quite slow at walking. Through the front doors was a beautiful park full of lush green plants of every kind. The floor was white marble. It looked & felt like we were outside because the roof was made of glass. The sunshine poured in. We came face to face with a pretty woman about 60. She was kind as we introduced ourselves. Suddenly, a very elderly man came around the corner, walked up to our faces and said :"Get out "! The woman said :" Well, this is awkward ".  The man yelled again. I said "Have a great day". Stan said : "Shall we come back "? The elderly man yelled again and we left.
   We meet another woman who has been a member all of her life. When we invited her to come back to church, she said :" my family is very active , that is good enough ". She has'nt been to church for 35 years.  I was a bit embarrassed because after we rang and while we waited for an answer, I was putting the end of my cane inside some fancy boots on the porch. Well, I was worried I'd trip over them.  So just as she opened the huge door, I had my cane inside a boot where I was just about to toss it. Oops.
     Another house was a maize. A teenage boy answered the door & told us his mom wasn't  home. He told us to go around the back to talk to his Dad. As we came around the corner of the house, a grandma met us. "What do you want "? When we told her she said :" I'm a Lutheran " and walked away. Finally we could see the Dad mowing the lawn. He was very irritated to see us.  After introducing ourselves he angrily said :" I've told you people not to come here ".  He was standing by a beautiful swimming pool so I commented on how nice it was and asked if I could go for a swim. He abruptly said :"No". So then I saw a really neat hammock and ask him if that was the kind that didn't dump you out ? After a few more friendly comments on my part to diffuse the situation, We turned to go , offering him a "Have a great day".
    We have worn our little blue car out. There is something going on that doesn't sound like it's going to get us home. So tomorrow it is going into the shop. We hope it's not too troublesome.  I now have a doctor appointment with an orthopedic specialist when we return home. Hopefully he can fix my knee so I can walk again,
    My friend, Sister Torman and I went to Walmart to buy some things for the office. It's a huge two story building with an escalator for people and another one for shopping carts. I should have taken a picture. So when I was finally able to get on the escalator with people helping me because of my cane, I decided to ride one of those electric carts. I talked my friend into riding one too. I can't tell you how much fun we had. We'd go down separate isles and then meet at the end laughing. I got lost and she found me by listening for the back-up beeps as I was trying to turn around in a very small place. We had a full out race down the main isle which I admit I won. One lady stopped us and said :" You two are having way too much fun." At the end when we parked our carts, my friend, Sister Torman, walked with a limp to the escalator because  she wanted to look like she needed the cart. It was awesome awesomeness.. Sometimes with all the work, we have to find a little fun. Ha !
    Our investigator, Leandra, won't let us come and teach her anymore. It's very sad and we pray for her everyday. We try to lift and lighten everyone we come in contact with. We try to serve with all our might, mind and strength because we have been so blessed in our lives. It's what little we can do to show our love for our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. We love being missionaries. We love the great journey our mission has been. The gospel of Jesus Christ is true. It is just that, Christ's church on the earth for us. The Atonement has been given for you & me . We must make it an important part of our life each day. We are so blessed. We love you all.

Love, Elder & Sister Fisher

Monday, July 10, 2017

President and Sister Wong at our lunch.


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True Love.

Fresh Market

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Betty & Jim our Hope friends.

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